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I have been a composer for a while now and have worked closely with the film maker Grégoire Gosset over the years, creating the soundtrack for many documentaries aired on France 2.  I originally applied to study music in North Wales as a pianist but under the guidance of the amazing Professor Harper, I quickly opened up to the idea of composing the music as well as performing it.  The focus for my final year then became composition for voices.  This was put to one side later on as I focussed on the instruments and sounds needed for film.  Some years back I made the great decision to join the Paris Choral Society and the love of creating music for voices was re-ignited.  I had my first piece performed at the Women's Concert in  2019  and have now completed three more, with others in the pipeline.

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Please get in touch with any questions. 

+33 6 72 72 41 40 

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